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Black Sure Edge Gutter Drip Trim 2.5M


2.5M Gutter drip trim with batten



The Sure Edge Gutter Drip Trim is used to secure the membrane where water runs off the roof. The highly beneficial gutter drip trim reduces the amount of time and effort used to install the trim, as it removes the requirement of having to install a timber batten to the fascia board in order to create the step into the gutter.

The Sure Edge Gutter Drip Trim comes in two parts, the back plate and the front plate that features a compression seal along the top edge. Both parts clamp the membrane into place and also creates a step into the gutter.

The gutter drip trim is not only strong but is highly durable and resilient due to the co-extruded u-PVC that it is made from. This gutter drip trim can also be used with all EPDM

Ideal for Professional Roofers & DIY Roofers alike, the product is very easy to install, just cut to length. Sure Edge Gutter Drip Trim provides a fast, clean, simple finish to the flat roofing system.

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